onsdag 18 april 2012

Challenge 2-6

Jag har scrappat massor till utmaningarna som finns hos Shimelle. Här är några av sidorna jag har gjort hittills.

{Create a page using three or more paper collections.}
{Choose a style or a scrapper you admire but with a different look to your own pages. Mix something from that with your own style to create something new. }
I choose the wonderful Cathy Zielske. I used one of her digital templates but I added some patterned paper and butterflies 
{make a page using yellow, grey and an optional color}
{take a little or a lot from Wilna’s page}
{create a new project by changing something dramatic – like how Relly started with something very girly and made it a boy page. You can use any page from your pins, bookmarks or favourites – you can even scraplift yourself and adapt a favourite page.}

I was inspired by THIS layout but I totally changed the colors

Lots of love!

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Cynthia sa...

WOW! Love your pages!! Great layouts and really cool embellishments! I like your style!!n ;-)